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Tennis racket selection: Did you really buy Roger’s or Rafa’s racket?

After 10 years of listening to Johnny Mac, Killa Cahill, BG, Uncle Cliffy, Martina and Robbie Koenig, I have to say something: I feel like I am doing my fellow tennis players a disservice by not “exposing” some of the mean and untruths they are saying about the professional tennis team. I jokingly say “expose”

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Chaney Addict: Myths and Legends Surrounding the Beautiful Gifts of the Seas of St Croix

I first heard about Chaney from a friend who had recently moved to St. Croix, USVI. Then, on my first visit, he took me on a “chaney hunt” and I got addicted; both the smooth and rounded pieces of broken porcelain and the game itself. As I became more interested, a world of myths and

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Advantages of built-in kitchen furniture designs that you should know

Gone are the days when people used to cook in a cluttered and secluded kitchen, where most of the space would be allowed for freestanding kitchen cabinets. Today, the image has been completely transformed into spacious, well-designed and equipped kitchens. Built-in kitchens are one of the latest technologies that is growing and developing at a


Best Online Sites to Buy Riding Equipment

What is motorcycle riding equipment? Motorcycle riding gear Keep your spirit reckless but smart! Motorcycle riding needs full protection. To ensure road safety and eliminate fatal accidents, a cyclist must be well padded. Motorcycle gear includes protective clothing and helmets. Protective covers include special types of jackets, gloves, boots, and pants. Motorcycle equipment cannot be

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