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Pregnancy Week by Week and Craniosacral Therapy

The nine months of pregnancy are divided into three trimesters each lasting three months (approximately 14 weeks each). I have noticed that some common symptoms arise in each trimester that pregnant clients find that Craniosacral Therapy (CST) helps or alleviates. Let’s consider the first trimester (that is, the first, second, and third months of pregnancy).

Health Fitness

Suplimente alimentare pentru masa musculara

pentru masa musculara Muschii joaca roluri vitale in corpul tau, de la facilitarea miscarii pana la ajutarea metabolismului si construirea fortei. Pentru a construi masa musculară, aveți nevoie de o combinație de antrenament de rezistență, dietă completă și suplimente potrivite. Indiferent dacă obiectivele tale sunt să concurezi într-o competiție de culturism sau pur și simplu

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indian food 101

Indian food and Indian restaurants are common in many parts of the world, but in my pocket of the world they seem to be few and far between. I realized that many Americans may not be used to Indian food; what to order in an indian restaurant or the correct way to eat indian food.

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Terrell Owens Workout Routine – Secrets to a Ripped Body

Have you heard of Terrell Owens’ workout routine? Well, ever since number 82 Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens has been burning up the grill, everyone wants to know what exactly is the “secret” behind Terrell Owens’ workout routine. In fact, many people wanted to know that Muscle and Fitness magazine ran a whole story

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Benefits of Building Muscle at a Home Gym – Working Out at Home to Build Muscle Buff and Tuff

As you begin the process of building muscle in your home gym, one issue you should probably consider is a desirable location in your home that will optimally facilitate the best workout. Although some people know right away that they have no desire to visit a commercial gym on their muscle building journey, because their

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Diet to Build Muscle: The List of Top 7 High Protein Foods That Build Muscle

Protein is hands down the most important nutrient for building up building blocks of lean muscle mass in your body. You can lift weights until you’re purple or consume all the carbs, fats, and other micronutrients in the world, but if you don’t fuel your body with the right amount of protein, you can forget

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