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Does Your Social Network Really Determine Your Financial Net Worth?

In the affairs of men, nothing matters more in creating wealth, influence, and power than the friends you keep. In short, your network! As Brian Tracy once joked, “You can’t fly with the eagles if you keep scratching with the turkeys.” Chinua Achebe captured it succinctly in Things Fall Apart, where she popularized the African

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Yacht charter in Italy: enjoy a world-famous lifestyle on your charter boat

The beauty of Italy is legendary and one city is more attractive than the other. The country has an immensely rich culture and history, magnificent cuisine, and the famous lifestyle and elegance. For guests chartering yachts, it offers vast and varied yachting grounds, as well as pretty harbors. This, combined with all the stunning views,

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Occupy until I come

Luke 19:13 And he called his ten servants, and gave them ten pounds, and said to them, Occupy until I come. Other translations say; Do business, until I come. In other words, commit to what you have been given. Take what you have and put it to work. Stay busy with what I have given


They want to control the Internet, but at whose expense?

Apparently, quite a few industry media specialists, lobbyists, and lawyers have banded together to enforce copyright laws and prevent content from being removed. Content that means videos, music, digital artwork and news articles, novels and e-book content, and on the surface this sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Sure, but these people want to automatically take down


Wage bill

Proceeding Against the Debtor’s Salary – Garnishment of Salary A. Impact of a wage garnishment B. Limits on wage garnishment If the debtor is working, he may be able to intercept a portion of his wages to satisfy his judgment. This process is known as wage garnishment. You can garnish wages relatively quickly and cheaply

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