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Family fun at VenturaCountyWest

Spending the winter in California has its benefits. There is so much to do outdoors to enjoy. There is no better location than VenturaCountyWest (the cities of Camarillo, Oxnard, and Ventura, about an hour’s drive north of Los Angeles). Even if you’ve visited California before, VenturaCountyWest offers places you’ve never seen, beaches you’ve never walked,


5 Trends In Healthcare Advertising You Should Know About

As businesses and consumers increasingly connect online, it’s important for advertisers to change with trends and work to get to market in ways that work online. Health advertising trends, in particular, are changing rapidly. With these 5 simple and easy-to-remember tips, even a new advertising company can optimize ads. When it’s time to start creating


Tip for playing toddler piano lesson: don’t measure the music, just pour it

Does your toddler take piano lessons or does your piano student stop at every bar line of music? Would you like to see them play through your music without these unnecessary interruptions? Here’s an easy way to help your child break the habit of stopping or pausing on the bar lines. Here is a demonstration


Territorial behavior problems

Cats are curious little creatures. They are completely tame, but have retained several of their wild instincts. Its domestication story is really interesting and sheds light on how this happened. One of the wild traits that they have maintained is their fierce territoriality and with it the need to watch over it. These two instincts

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Block negative energy: protect yourself with the archangel Michael

Many sensitive people and spiritual seekers these days are struggling to feel really good and balanced in their daily experience, even though they may be having moments of intense spiritual connection. Although many spiritual seekers agree that there is only one supreme power in the universe and that power is infinitely good, there are still

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