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Lasting longer in bed is possible with the training of the physical ejaculatory reflex

For many men, it would be a dream come true, if they could last another five (5) minutes before ejaculation, during intercourse. If the latest news is to be believed, this dream can be realized by applying PERT (Physical Ejaculation Reflex Training). Of all the “cures” that have been offered to cure PD, PERT appears

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Get ready for an idyllic sleep experience with a Sterns and Foster mattress.

If you’ve noticed that your back has started to bother you and you wake up in the morning not feeling very rested, your mattress may be to blame. Once you’ve eliminated other factors like illness, stress, or lifestyle habits, then it’s time to take a closer look at what you’re sleeping on! When you buy

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“We’ll All Die Marines” has boarded the USS Midway Museum, San Diego, CA

Colonel Jim Bathurst’s recently published book now ranks high on the gift shop shelves of 17th place on the list of the 20 Best Museums in the United States (USS MIDWAY MUSEUM), as rated by YELP and posted on USAToday. In it, Colonel Bathurst recounts his nearly thirty-six years of service in the United States

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Take a dip in Paphos

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is a paradise for those looking for a place to escape and enjoy water sports in warm weather. The city of Paphos is particularly popular, with its mix of modernity and history. If you are not familiar with Cyprus, you may be surprised to learn that it is the second

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