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Baked Potato at Weber Barbeque Grill – It’s Possible and Absolutely Delicious!

Judging by the long history behind the Weber barbecue grill, you should already know how versatile and useful this kitchen gadget is. With the Weber barbecue grill, you can make even the impossible possible. A good example of that is making baked potatoes using not your conventional oven but, you guessed it, your Weber grill!


Family caregiver – Part 7 – Going to the toilet of the wheelchair patient at home

My husband uses a catheter only on road trips, not at home. It is usually continent, usually. I keep a listening ear for your call and hope to take you wherever you need to be to answer the call of nature. * A bedside urinal is kept on your nightstand for overnight use. Sometimes he


Parents going global!

Parenting is the best of times and the worst of times… So we need to keep an open mind to what works for other parents in this big world, even if it seems a bit unorthodox. Let’s share some parenting strategies, modify them if necessary, and then see what happens. Maybe we’ll learn something new

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