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Lose weight with the 60-day diet and fitness diary and program

Keeping a weight loss journal can double your weight loss, studies show. Studies now also support the idea that old-fashioned calorie counting works best for weight loss. Put these two weight loss tips into practice with Brad Peterson’s The 60 Day Food and Fitness Program & Journal, one of the most comprehensive weight loss magazines

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Adolphus W Brower House – Sycamore, Illinois – Historic Architecture Abounds

Tired from my recent trip, I return to Sycamore, Illinois, suffering from a severe case of Republican icon overload. Breathe, breathe, I’m back and I’ll calm down. Calmed by a perfect image of Italian style. At 705 DeKalb Avenue in Sycamore there is an example of Italian style at Adolphus W. Brower House. The home

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