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Sparkling wine: how the world’s bubbles are created (and enjoyed)

“In victory, you deserve champagne, in defeat, you need it.” – Napoleon Bonaparte Champagne became popular not only because of such grand dates, but also because of celebrity endorsements or excesses. It’s no secret that 007 agent James Bond always had a strong predilection for Bollinger champagne (and vodka). And it has been reported that


FORWARD vs. RWD. Which is better?

With more and more vehicles switching to rear wheel drive, is it better than front? wheel drive? We’ll see. Front-wheel drive Present since the 1920s, front-wheel drive did not catch on with American consumers. until the gas crisis in the 1970s. As Americans struggled with high fuel prices, Automakers began looking for new ways to


bike to work

In this post, I will provide you with details of why you should start cycling to work and also share my experience using my mountain bike for transportation over the past two months. It was last September that I had a kind of reality check and realized that I wasn’t in my best physical shape.


Grits and Sweat V – A series of baroque philosophical papers based on objective observations

Not to repeat myself, but to extend myself to you; here is the full quote from Paul Simon’s version of “Sound Of Silence” from the 1991 recording “Concert In The Park” to make my point clear: (Vamp Instrumental En…) “Hello darkness my old friend… …’I come to talk to you again… Because of the gently

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