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Why we immortalize artists/musicians who died in their prime

Whatever genre you listen to (reggae, hip-hop, hard metal, rock and roll, soul, jazz, classical, etc.), there is always an artist who in his heyday revolutionized the industry and inspired a generation with his letters, talent. , Songs, Personality and Interpretation. They were like demigods in their prime worshiped by legions of fans around the


Applications of Calculation in Real Estate Development

Calculus has many real-world uses and applications in the physical sciences, computer science, economics, business, and medicine. I will briefly touch on some of these uses and applications in the real estate industry. Let’s start by using some calculation examples in speculative real estate development (ie the construction of new homes). Logically, a new home

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Interior design ideas: how to choose your skirting boards

It would be hard to argue that choosing baseboards is the most exciting part of putting together an interior design scheme, but it’s important nonetheless. It is details like these that make everything work in harmony. Not only should they fit in and complement the design aesthetically, but they should also tick the required practicality

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