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Latest cabinet trends

A new old. Older styles are all the rage, making distressed and glazed finish options popular for cabinets. But consider mixing it up a bit. According to Kristy McPhie of McPhie Cabinetry of Bozeman, Montana, “A lot of my clients like the warmth and character of old wood, so we’re seeing a lot of hand

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What type of countertop is best for my kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects?

As an interior designer for home remodels, I often get questions about the pros and cons of different types of countertops. Of course, all types have their good and bad aspects, and the overall look you want to achieve with your remodeling project will also be an important factor, as well as durability and ease

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Remodeling the mantel surround and stone fireplace front – a great "What"

Ideally, your fireplace and mantel system should complement your home’s design, as the mantel is often the key focal point of a room, if not the entire home. We like to think of a mantel frame as a three-sided picture frame and the brick, stone or tile fireplace surround that surrounds the fireplace opening can

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Mobile App Design Tips

Design is an important element for the development of a professional mobile application. The needs of the application must be thoroughly understood and addressed. If you are running any business and planning to move into mobile app development, make sure you are well aware of the need for the app. It is also important to

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Steel filing cabinet: weighing its advantages and disadvantages

You don’t have to get a steel filing cabinet for your office. These days you can easily get cabinets made of wood, plastic, or a combination of materials. Sometimes these two alternative materials will work more in your favor. Wood is definitely more attractive than steel, while plastic is much cheaper. However, steel filing cabinets

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Bamboo furniture: a look at the history, properties and care of this popular alternative to wood

Bamboo and Bamboo Furniture: Wood is the best option when it comes to outdoor furniture materials, but unfortunately for many, it doesn’t come cheap. A single chair is rarely under $200, and a complete set can easily cost a few thousand dollars. But if you’re just looking for the look of wood, there are also

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