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Know this when bringing a personal trainer to your apartment building gym

As more and more New York City apartment buildings look to attract new buyers and tenants, there is an ever-expanding list of services on offer. This can range from an on-site doorman and/or concierge to an on-site fitness center, space allowed, for residents. Most buildings will allow residents to bring their own personal trainers to

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I want to make a boy want me when he has already rejected me! 7 tips on how to make this happen

Well, this situation is complicated, isn’t it? It may seem impossible, but it is not. In fact, you can win a guy back even if he has rejected you. This is how you do it: get some away It is very important to allow time to pass after the rejection has occurred. The last thing

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TenantPro 7: Rental Property Management and Accounting System Software Review for Investors and Operations

Tenant Pro 7 is the #1 property management software used by over 18,000 property management companies that operate their rental units. The software seems to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft and produces over 45 preset documents. In addition, the system integrates with Quickbooks, provides electronic payment processing that enables online resident payment and resident credit card

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Price of a house to sell: 6 considerations

Many factors influence whether, how quickly, and at what price a specific home will sell. Some of these factors include: the specific location, including safety, curb appeal, convenience, and even the actual, specific block and position of the home (mid-block, corner, etc.); local school system; competition; safety; characteristics and conditions of the house; upgrades and

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The AZ of Stated Income Loans

Here’s the detailed information on reported income taxes, also called “no income verification loans” or “no documentation” loans. They sound wonderful, until you see the price. Here’s why they sound wonderful. You do not need to provide proof of employment or income verification. On the other hand, you don’t want to go through the hassle

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