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For vocal control: balancing force in the TA and CT muscles

There are two groups of muscles that control your vocal registers. These muscles are called thyroarytenoids (TA) and cricothyroid (CT). To sing contemporary (popular) styles of music, the force in these muscle sets must be especially balanced and coordinated. When one set is much stronger than the other, vocal problems like these occur: Limited vocal

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What are potatoes?

Spuds is what REALTORS call a Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS). It is a multi-page document that sellers often provide with information about the home and all of its major systems (eg, air conditioning, plumbing, roofing, etc.). In Arizona, sellers are required to disclose any material facts they know about the property. The SPDS is

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Why Climb Mount Kilimanjaro: Identifying the Top Reasons

According to an estimated report, Mount Kilimanjaro receives more than 35,000 footfalls throughout the year and the number appears to be increasing every year. In fact, many people visit Tanzania just to climb the highest peak in Africa – Kilimanjaro. Mount Kilimanjaro is also counted as the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. The question

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Inexpensive Illinois Homeowners Insurance Rates: The Quick Guide to Low-Cost Homeowners Insurance in Illinois

Finding affordable Illinois homeowners insurance is key, whether you own a new home or have lived in your home for years and years. A cheap home insurance rate in IL is, after all, just one more way to save money for fun things like vacations, new cars, and eating out. Then why pay more than

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What is an investment property?

Any property that is obtained for the purpose of obtaining and expecting returns is classified as investment property. Investment property can be an apartment building, single-family home, vacant lot, or commercial property. It is essentially any type of real estate. The term investment property generally refers to property that the owner does not occupy, although

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