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Never let anyone crush your spirit! The mindset of a business owner is what will define it!

Many of you have lived with the employee mentality for most of your working life. What you really need to do is clear your mind, clean up your old habits, and transition into the business owner mindset. Make a conscious decision that you want to be a business owner. I was forced to make the

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How to attract and keep a man? Stimulate his mind and senses in a way that would make him like you

There are no hard and fast rules about dating. All it takes is a little knowledge to land the man of your dreams – here are seven tips on how to attract any man and hold him the way he wants to be held: Get beautiful…and we don’t mean a full body cosmetic reconstruction. Guys

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Root: a secret of the internal power of combat Tai Chi

In China, there are three martial arts that together are known as Nia Jia, the internal arts. These are Bagua, Xing-Yi and Tai Chi. While other martial arts focus more on things like physical strength or specific fighting techniques, the internal arts focus on what happens inside the practitioner. This internal focus includes elements such

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Who is your twin flame and where do twin flames fit into the Grand Cosmic Blueprint?

It’s funny how sentences and words come to have different meanings than they originally did. The term soulmate used to mean what the twin flame implies now, and before that, the phrase kindred spirits was all the rage. Now, however, a soulmate no longer really means a fated lover, so the twin flame has replaced

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Crassula Tetragona or Bonsai Pine – Succulent Plants for Dry Landscapes or Houseplants

Crassula tetragona are drought tolerant plants that look a bit like pine boughs with the needles sticking out the sides, or a green bottle brush. They are often used in bonsai pots to look like pine trees. In the ground, they grow up to 4 feet tall. They will branch at the tips and can

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