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Ear piercing causes eczema

Ear piercing is very popular these days, this has been greatly influenced thanks to changing fashion statements. Ear piercing is expected to become much more popular. Atopic eczema has also become very common, but very few studies have addressed the idea that the ear piercing itself could be responsible for causing eczema. Ear piercing involves

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Female orgasms – How to give your woman an ANAL ORGASM that will make her addicted to anal sex

When it comes to female orgasms, most men only know about clitoral orgasms, some know about vaginal orgasms and squirting orgasms, but very few know how to give their women anal orgasms. Heck, very few men (and women) know that anal orgasms are possible. But here’s the thing… Anal orgasms are not only possible, they

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Time does not exist in reality, but it is an invention of man for taxes and slavery

The mind cannot perceive a world without time. Also, you cannot consider the concept of ‘always’. Something must have a starting point and an ending for our convenience in reality. But our thinking is wrong and so is our relationship with the Spirit of the Universe, the one God. This is the standard that my

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How to spot a narcissist

Narcissists can be seductive and charismatic. In fact, a study showed that his pleasant appearance was only penetrable after seven meetings. But you don’t want to fall in love with one. Over time, you can end up feeling ignored, neglected, and unimportant. Typically, a narcissist’s criticism, demands, and emotional unavailability increase, while their confidence and

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