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Different symbols of witchcraft and their meanings

The different symbols of witchcraft are rich in meaning. Even the most simplistic symbols used by practitioners of the Art can have complex and highly suggestive meanings. Simple and intricate witchcraft symbols can be used to decorate personal items, magical items, or used in spells; symbols ultimately contain intense meanings that come to represent ideas,

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When you were born? The Thunderbird clan in Native American astrology

What clan are you a part of: tortoise, frog, butterfly or thunderbird? Native american astrology This is a spiritual system that uses a twelve-month calendar and connects dates of birth with power animals, elements, seasonal animals, and animal clans. Native American astrology connects each range of birth dates to a clan animal. There are four

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Review of Janet Bloom’s Book, Co-Parenting Hell: Raising Healthy Children with a Former Narcissist

This is a book written by a mother of children, now divorced from her husband. The book begins with the definition of Narcissistic Personality Disorder from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Version 5 (DSM-V). The author describes the book based on her experiences, but refers to the American Psychiatric Association and the

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