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Improve Your Social Life and Your Game: Benefits of Joining Private Golf Clubs

Private golf clubs have great benefits for casual and serious fans of the sport. Members can attest to the accessibility and beautifully selected courses. Often close to home, private golf clubs offer vacations to a simple car trip, an oasis in the middle of a city. Here are some common benefits shared among member courses.


Saved from the coils of danger

Introduction Man and beast are God’s creation. Respecting their way of life is also reverence for God. In some cases, man and beast come into contact unexpectedly and survival instincts are activated. What would you do if this scenario happened to you? A creature in the emergency room It was around 10:00 in the morning


Racing scan tips and advice

I have been scanning racetracks for almost 25 years. Long before programmable handheld scanners, my first scan setup consisted of a big old Bearcat 250 mobile scanner taped to a huge 12 volt flashlight battery. The whole setup must have weighed 10 pounds and I had to carry it in a big camera bag! I

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