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Baseball fans in Toronto have had little to celebrate at Canada Day games

It shouldn’t have been a surprise that Toronto lost yesterday, despite the many things working in their favor. After all, the Blue Jays had won eleven of their last thirteen at home, there was a sold-out crowd at Rodgers Center, and they were playing a Detroit Tigers club that had just suffered a thirteen-game losing


Win with flexible offense

In 1993, a Willamette University Bearcat program entered the NAIA Division II National Championship under the leadership of experienced coach Gordie James and won the national title behind the Hardened, but often forgot about flexible offense. Derived from an earlier version of the random-cut offense, the flex arrived on the basketball scene in 1970 and


University of Southern California (USC) Trojans Heisman Trophy Winners: 7 total recipients

Seven football players from the University of Southern California (USC) Trojans won the Heisman Trophy. The seven footballers who have won the seven Heisman Awards are as follows: Mike Garrett, a running back, won in 1965 OJ Simpson, a runner, received the award in 1968 Charles White, a runner, accepted the honor in 1979 Marcus

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