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How to Tell if You Have a Bad 401(K) Plan: What Are Your Alternatives?

In general, most people do not have enough money saved to last them into retirement. A recent Boston College study as reported by the NY Times (5/3/2015, Section B1) said the average 55-64 year old householder “had only about $104,000 in retirement savings.” Gone are the days when you could receive pension checks during your


Small Business Business Insurance Overview: Understanding Basic Business Insurance Needs

It is a fact that all types of businesses require, at a minimum, basic liability insurance. It is always wise to protect your business against as much as possible. All industries are vulnerable to lawsuits for one reason or another these days. Even if you do most of your work from home, there are still


do you offer any guarantees on your plumbing work in scottsdale

guarantees on your plumbing work in scottsdale Trying to fix plumbing problems yourself is often difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Hiring a professional plumber to do the job right the first time around can save you money in the long run and help prevent costly repairs in the future. Licensed plumbers are required to follow strict


California Cyberbullying Laws to Protect Your Children and Teens

Since home computer systems have become so popular, there have been more men, women, and children who have become victims of cyber bullying. This is an extremely frustrating and sometimes scary problem that can be quickly resolved when an experienced private investigator performs a reverse email lookup. The California cyberbullying laws that have been enacted


One Of The Rarest Baseball Card Discoveries: The Black Swamp Find

When Karl Kissner’s aunt died in Defiance, Ohio in 2011, she had given her hundred-year-old family home to Karl and his cousins ​​as an inheritance. The exterior of the house was dilapidated and the mess inside filled the rooms as if they had never been cleaned in a century. However, the dilapidated house couldn’t stop

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