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Legal Law

OPM Disability Retirement Under FERS or CSRS: The 1-Year Statute of Limitations

The general rule for filing a federal disability retirement claim under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) or the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS), is that a federal or postal employee must file the disability retirement claim within one (1) year of being “separated from Federal Service.” This is legally established in 5 USC 8337(b),

Legal Law

The risks of mistreating "Employees" As independent contractors

Small businesses often prefer to treat workers as independent contractors for a number of reasons: to avoid the hassle of calculating and paying employee withholdings; escape employer-required expenses for unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, and other costs; and, freedom from overtime and other wage and hour regulations. In short, treating employees as “independent contractors” can be

Legal Law

It’s Tax and IRA Season Again: What Are You Doing About It? Get a 10% bonus on your IRA rollover

It’s tax and IRA season, time to evaluate your retirement accounts. Stock markets may be rising in anticipation of the end of American socialism, but Washington has taken an interesting turn. The Obama Administration’s Middle Class Task Force has reported that the annuity offers a better chance for a more secure retirement. An annuity is

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