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Maui Fire Lawyers Help With Claims Against Utility Companies

Maui Fire Lawyers Help For many of those whose lives were touched by the 2023 Maui wildfires, their losses were incalculable. Homes and businesses were destroyed, families lost their livelihoods and the lives of beloved pets and livestock were lost to the flames. Some residents and visitors were even forced to evacuate their homes and

Legal Law

rhythm in music

quarter note = 1 bead A quarter note is all quarter note with a stem going up or down. I call it our “step” note because the note just takes steps and moves. With 4/4 time, you would have a measure of 4 quarter notes because a quarter note has 1 count. Remember that music

Legal Law

Girls can take advantage of alternative sports to go to university for free

The debate on Title IX continues. Many have called the passage of Title IX one of the largest anti-discrimination laws in the United States, while Title IX advocates continue to claim that it has leveled the playing field for college sports. Title IX, in a nutshell, is a law that requires colleges to have the

Legal Law

How to write an engaging email

Today’s businessperson will spend hours at the tailor tailoring a smart business suit, hours over a powerful lunch sweet-talking their next big client, and hours handing out proposals or negotiations to try to get every penny they can, and then they’ll spend 30 seconds sending out an important email that alone will cost them a

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