Four keys to a great introduction and ending of a podcast

There are really no set protocols on what your Intro and Outro should or shouldn’t be. You can do practically what you want or think is better. However, they usually include music and voice over. A great intro is the perfect start to every podcast episode.

Recent surveys revealed that 27.5% of listeners decide whether to listen to a podcast in the first 5 minutes. So you need to hook your listeners right from the start. Consider the Intro and Outro podcasts to be the personality of your broadcast.

An introduction and an ending is not a requirement for publishing your podcast; but it gives your transmission a professional look and feel. It also conveys a level of expertise in the minds of your listeners.

There are many podcasters, who just hit the record button and start talking. You don’t want to be like those podcasters. You want to give your podcast a fighting chance in a very crowded market! Therefore, you must have a great introduction and ending to help you stand out from the crowd and achieve success.

1. Add some music to give your podcast a dynamic feel. As you may well know, music can have different moods. Therefore, you can use music to set the mood for your podcast. This can be dark, light, playful, or sad, etc. It’s your job to match the music to the mood of your show. For example, if your show is humorous in nature, then you can choose light and fun music.

Where do you get this music from? The answer is pretty simple and free for the most part. You can download royalty-free music from various Internet services! Also, you can cut and join the music to suit your creative ideas. You may even decide to use a jingle in the Introduction to act as an attention grabber.

2. Decide on a suitable length for the introduction and end of the podcast. The length of the introduction should match the length of your podcast. For example, you don’t need a 60-second intro for a 15-minute podcast. Instead, you can create a 15-20 second long intro. Most podcasters have Intros that last between 15 and 60 seconds. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

3. Give vital details. During your introduction to the podcast, you need to introduce yourself, state your call to fame, or your desired podcast outcome. Also, provide your podcast name, date, and season (if you’re doing a seasonal podcast). Note that you will have to decide whether to use the same intro for all podcast episodes or to customize the intro for each episode. This decision will determine the details you provide in the voice-over of the introduction. If it’s personalized, you may want to include the date and episode title or episode number.

4. Follow up your Intro podcast with a memorable Outro podcast. Have a call-to-action statement. This could be to subscribe to your podcast feed or provide information for the listener to click on a link in the show notes. It can even give you a sneak peek of what’s to come in later broadcasts. The most important thing to remember is to thank your listener for their time. Time is one of the most valuable assets someone can give you, so be sure to acknowledge that gift from your listeners. It’s also helpful to end with something witty and exciting, as this would make your listeners want to come back for more!

Proper use of Intro and Outro will raise the perception of your podcast’s professionalism to new levels. This can set you apart from many other podcasters who don’t want to take the time or push themselves to be professional. Many influencers of various genres and niches refuse to be interviewed by someone they consider “unprofessional.” So add a great introduction and ending to your podcast and raise your level of professionalism in the eyes (and ears) of your listeners!

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