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Conflict as a gift

A key belief and teaching in conflict resolution is that conflict can be helpful – an opportunity to learn, grow, and see something that conflict is trying to show us. Author and aikidoist Thomas Crum said, “The conflict just is. It’s what we do with it that makes the difference.” Kurt Vonnegut uses the phrase

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Make up fresh imaginations of home décor with marble tile patterns

Marble is one of the most traditional and classic options for interior decoration. While the item is sought after in domestic floors, the alternatives are rare. Marble looks more elegant and attractive in various spaces on home floors. If you are considering a renovation or any new project, then exploring the versatile marble collection would

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Budget hotels in New York

If the concept that a hotel room is meant for a short and comfortable stay in a clean and safe environment, but without frills, is acceptable, New York has several low-priced facilities available. They are sometimes labeled as inns or hostels. These so-called ‘budget’ hotels offer basic services such as concierge, air conditioning, TV, non-smoking


College Football – 9 AP Top 25 teams lose, 6 unranked teams, USC, Georgia and Florida all lose

The fifth week of college football revealed the 6 luckiest teams in the nation: Missouri, Texas Tech, Brigham Young (BYU), Kansas, Boise State and Vanderbilt. It was the 6 teams from the AP Top 25 Poll that had a bye week, saving them from possible defeat. The other 19 Top 25 teams did not fare

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