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Choose your writing forum wisely – Publish with reputable establishments – Content supersedes everything!

Quality content is key to great writing, and publishing with a reputable establishment is essential for your writing drive to be successful. The Internet is a wild west of illegal activity that happens to people who post their intellectual property on websites and blogs. It’s no wonder that fewer and fewer people are posting something

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"The day that changes your life" by Jim Rohn – A Program Review

The day that changes your life. “Remarkable Success Ideas That Can Change Your Life In An Instant”. In this six-CD, 12-lesson program, motivational teacher Jim Rohn shares the story of his life-changing day with you and shows you how to consciously create the conditions that make dramatic and lasting personal transformation not only possible, but

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Brain celebrities

Going back to school is as inviting as the scent of rotting banana peels, and combined with the spring weather, studying for finals seems almost impossible. But earning your degree is one of the best and most important decisions you can make now to secure your future. Ask the celebrities and top athletes who have

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A dangerous and polarizing message: 10 examples

Unlike most of his predecessors, President Donald Trump has often resorted to articulating a somewhat dangerous and polarizing message, rather than a unifying one. We should have been prepared for this kind of behavior, based on his prepolitical behaviors, his campaign rhetoric, etc., but few anticipated the degree, we have witnessed, of this seemingly constant

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Should I choose black or white gutters and fascias for my home?

Many people pay most of their attention to what their home interior looks like, putting a lot of effort into choosing the right color schemes, wallpaper, and furniture to give their living rooms and bedrooms the right look. However, it is definitely worth investing in a home’s exterior as well. Choosing the right finish for

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Badges That Won the West – Lincoln County, New Mexico Sheriff’s Badge

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Badge is reminiscent of the violent 1870s, when a war of rank broke out between several wealthy ranchers and a trio of corrupt businessmen in the city of Lincoln. The most famous participant in the conflict was William Henry McCarty, also known as William H. Bonney, better known as “Billy the

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