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Not all NASCAR Racing party games are created equal. Some might be great for adults to play before the big race and some are just for entertaining the kids at a birthday party. Here are a couple of NASCAR racing games that hopefully fit both needs.

The first game is a racing game simply called ‘Ankle Racing’. It’s just like a regular outside race with a simple change in the race position. Make sure players stand an arm and a half apart from each other and make sure you have the race outside at your NASCAR race party so no one accidentally runs into the floor lamp.

On their way, each of the runners will crouch down, grab their ankles and run as fast as they can to the finish line. This tends to be more difficult to do than looks, so you may want to limit the race to the younger ones who are more agile than your NASCAR bunch.

The next game of the NASCAR Racing game is called ‘Roll Along’. For this you will need a chair for each team of two players, two long strings and a ping pong ball for each group.

Have the players break into groups of two and play with each player a distance apart. Then have each player hold one end of each of the two pieces of string very tightly. One player must sit on the chair you provide. Then, once everyone is ready, you’ll go and set up a ping pong ball to balance the taut ropes for each group. Place the ball at the end where the player is sitting on a chair.

On their way, the NASCAR racing party players must try to send their ping pong balls from one player to another by holding their ropes up and down at each end. The first group to complete the circuit three times is the winner.

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