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It’s not always easy to know what women really want from a man in bed. In particular, when it comes to intimate questions about penis size and erections, it can be difficult to find out the truth. In my work, I have talked to many, many women and heard their honest opinions about what makes a great lover in a man and what leaves them wanting more. In this article I am going to share with you some of the things I have learned over the years. I hope that you, like me, can use this information to improve your performance in bed and enhance your manhood.

The question of size

The most important thing I’ve learned is that size really does matter to women, BUT not in the way you might think. Most women don’t want a man with a gigantic penis; that is a fantasy created by the adult film industry. Most women aren’t even anatomically capable of taking a penis longer than 10 inches. 8 or 9 inches is the ideal length for most women to feel completely satisfied. However, what many men don’t realize is that the THICKNESS of a man’s penis is even more important than the length. This is because the greatest pleasure a woman gets from making love comes from the pressure on the inner walls of her vagina. The average penis is between 5 and 6 inches in circumference. But for women, the most satisfactory thickness is between 7 and 8 inches.

The natural way to enlarge your penis

If your penis isn’t up to the task, don’t despair. There is a completely safe way to increase both the length and girth of your manhood without resorting to expensive or dangerous gimmicks. I personally made my penis much longer and thicker by using natural enhancements. This is simply a way to take advantage of the body’s natural penile growth process, which normally ends when a man has finished puberty. The reason why the penis stops growing is that the body no longer produces specific nutrients that are essential for the growth process. However, with a good natural breeding program, you can jump-start the production of these nutrients and thus restart the growth process.

I fully recommend natural enhancement as a reliable way to add inches to your penis and become the lover women dream of.

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