How does a man decide that you are the one?

Do you know that men need more than love if they ever want to see you as “the one”?

It is true. Many women are surprised when a relationship they were taught was great ended because the man wanted to move on. Why do men stay with a woman for years and then leave her to marry another woman soon after?

When we were women, we were taught about the fairy tale of Prince Charming. Many women associate with his boyfriends and believe that because his boyfriends are with them, he is going to take the next step to want to marry them.

But this is simply not true. And if you look at the statistics, you’ll see how much hurt and pain many women experience when they realize they’ve been with their man for a while, but he’s nowhere near wanting to get married.

Men don’t grow up with the idea of ​​being a prince charming. They have to come to a certain conclusion in their minds. Your man is the same. He has to come to a certain conclusion in his mind about you, far beyond the idea that he loves you.

For this to happen to him, there are a variety of triggers that need to be activated during the period of your relationship. If you’re wondering why he’s not moving the relationship forward, it’s because you may not have figured out how to activate those emotional triggers naturally.

The worst fear a woman has is investing a lot of emotional time and energy in her relationship only to have it end up not getting a ring. But you don’t have to be that kind of woman. You can learn how to naturally be the woman your man wants to marry.

Faced with reports after reports that men don’t commit, or that men are commitment-phobic, many women feel helpless because they don’t really know how to get a man to commit.

Getting a man to commit and marry you is a natural formula. When you see women who have men who adore them, it’s because they naturally follow the formula and any woman can learn to do it.

Even a hard-to-get man is defenseless against a woman who stands tall in her powerful feminine energy because it radiates in such a way that it gets inside his heart.

Men need to feel more than love, they need to be so filled with deep emotional feelings for you that they can see a woman as “the one.”

When you can make a man feel this way, he will marry you, and most women can learn how to trigger these deeper feelings in their men.

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