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Legal Law

telephone technology

Although telephones have been a law firm staple almost since their creation and patent by Mr. Bell in 1876, they are not generally considered legal “technology.” Using a phone as equipment to verify, route, or forward communications or perform “jobs” means one less item your business needs to supply, maintain, or explain to every new

Legal Law

The history of infidelity in ancient cultures

Cheating and infidelity have been problems for humanity and human relationships since creation. Ancient histories record how there were always some who thought they deserved physical relationships outside of marriage. Cheating behavior occurred in both ancient and modern civilizations. Understanding how the behavior was viewed and handled over the years can give you insight and

Legal Law

Love Compatibility By Date Of Birth: A Simple Guide To Relationships

Have you ever heard of numerology? Has it ever crossed your mind that love compatibility by date of birth exists? Have you ever thought that numerology is true? Nowadays, many women consult the love compatibility by date of birth to determine if they really are compatible with their partners. Love compatibility by date of birth

Legal Law

So, are you a law aspirant in India? Keep reading!

The legal profession in India has undergone crucial and significant change in recent decades. In today’s scenario, aspiring lawyers are not just confined to the courts but are easily found serving in various corporate houses, legal agencies, law firms, litigation, administrative services, etc. Conventionally, legal practice in India has been a male-dominated field. But now

Legal Law

Authentic or replica designer bag? What you need to know before making that online purchase

During this time of economic turmoil, it’s easy for consumers to justify buying a replica designer handbag at a fraction of the cost of the original. Most of us can’t fit the high cost of an original designer bag into our budget, but we’d still love to carry that beautiful bag we saw in our

Legal Law

Power to Live by TD Jakes

Principles for a victorious life TD Jakes lays out basic concepts and principles for discovering purpose and power through the anointing of the Holy Spirit in his book “Power for Living.” These insightful and soul-searching guidelines offer the reader specific instructions for experiencing answered prayer, staying focused on their search for God, and the power

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