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Digital Marketing

7 signs you’re on your way to succeeding online in 2021

Some attribute the quote “success leaves clues” to Jim Rohn and some attribute it to Tony Robbins, but whoever said it is correct. In fact, success leaves clues. Watch any “overnight success” and you will discover that the person had been working in the dark for years before becoming an overnight success. Radio, television and


What is a homestay and why in the world would you want one?

The word “vacation home” was coined by Canadian writer Brent Butt for his television comedy, Corner Gas. In October 2005, gas station owner Brent Leroy (Brent Butt) stocks up on sunscreen, suntan lotion, and sunglasses, then spends his “annual vacation” (which occurs once every two to three years) relaxing in a lawn chair outside the

Legal Law

Letters of reference regarding the custody of children

To win a child custody lawsuit, all parents must provide adequate evidence of their character, including aspects of behavior and mental attitude. One of the best means of validating this point is to obtain letters of reference from people who know the father outside of his office. These can include friends, relatives, teammates, fellow volunteers,

Shopping Product Reviews

12GB PS3 Review

Sony recently released a version of its popular PlayStation 3 video game console for people who don’t play a lot of video games. Sure, it comes with a controller and all, and it plays PS3 games, but it’s not for hardcore gamers. In an effort to compete with Microsoft’s 4-gigabyte Xbox 360 system at the

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