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French women are famous for spending a large portion of their salaries on health and beauty just to look like they were born beautiful.

I have been to France many times and French women never cease to amaze me. Her seemingly effortless beauty has always fascinated me. They look naturally slim, but only they know, and I know, how much effort they really put into looking this good.

Every time I set foot on a French beach, I was amazed by the incredible bodies of the local women. I’ve never seen so many washboard abs in one place. Many of them looked good with women in their thirties; Delicious mummies surrounded by packages of children.

If you, like me, are curious how you stay slim with so many tempting patisseries filled with delicious croissants … here are my French wife’s rules for a killer body. As easy as 1,2,3,4 …

1.Always eat breakfast: Not just on weekends, not just when you have time, and not just coffee in a rush. Have a good breakfast. Over the years, I have seen French women confidently eat a breakfast consisting of fruit, coffee and croissant, or a piece of buttered baguette. While I don’t think this is the most nutritious food you can eat first thing in the morning, this doesn’t make French women fat, and they know it.

two.Snack on Crudites: Raw vegetables are small pieces of raw vegetables. Carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, celery … you name it, they chop it up. At the office, at home, on the beach … highly nutritious, high in water and low in fat and calories, crudités are also low in sugar. That is why they are so effective in keeping you satisfied longer.

3.Be picky about your food: French women understand food. They pride themselves on their health and appearance, and are very picky about the food they eat. If you’ve ever seen French women shopping at your local vegetable market, then you know what I’m talking about. They will only buy fresh, top-quality produce. Their baskets are colorful displays of seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, and meat.

You may be thinking, what about cheese and bread? Yes, they eat small amounts of cheese and bread, but this is what they do next …

Four.To elaborate: I don’t know a French woman who doesn’t exercise. Whether in the gym, running, skating, hiking, swimming … they are always active and on the go. They don’t make excuses, they don’t complain about it … they make it part of their daily routine and they just do it, because it’s good for them and it makes them look great.

I have lived and worked with French women both in France and Ireland, and I tell you they don’t do all of this just to get in shape before they go on vacation, they do it all year round. As a result, in the summer, it shows in a big way!

In my opinion, they have a fantastic attitude towards food, exercise and also towards their body. A certain pride that can be misinterpreted, but which for me translates into pure charisma.

Now, I’m not saying that this is the only way you can start to make changes to the way you approach food and exercise. But if it works for them, it certainly can work for you!

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