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Series Part: School Is Hell

Who owns the public schools?

“Without a real competitive private market for education in America, all that is available is what the state’s central education planners choose to provide.”

– Richard M. Ebeling, President of the Future of Freedom Foundation

The so-called “public” school system does not belong to the public; It is owned and operated by the government. Therefore, public schools serve the needs of the government, not the needs of the public. In contrast, private schools are owned and operated (and paid for directly) by members of the public and accountable to their patrons.

We must not make the mistake of believing that “we the people” are our government. While politicians and other officials claim to represent us, they are an elite class who pay little attention to their constituents. Furthermore, the school system is a world of its own that bears virtually no responsibility to the public it purports to serve. Its superintendents actually work for the state department of education. Its only connection to the city is that local residents are forced to pay their wages.

Furthermore, we should not expect public schools to offer a real education. They are intended to provide schooling only: literacy and numeracy basics, with a superficial acquaintance with other knowledge. Yet even those basic skills are deeply neglected in today’s schools. They are displaced by political mandates, social engineering, and other concerns. The result is a confusing hodgepodge of opinions, attitudes, and values ​​(often contrary to family and religious traditions) with no cohesion, no coherence, and no real goal other than to convert docile group thinkers who will depend on the government.

The “local control” of public education simply does not exist. Local school boards do not represent the people who elect them. In my state, CT, state law says, “School boards are not agents of their people, but creatures of the state.” In other words, school boards are puppets of the state education bureaucracy, which also controls the state legislature in matters of schooling. School board members are also members of political parties and respond to their pressure. They just pretend to control the schools when in reality they only decide trivial details. Increasingly, what we have is a national school system controlled from remote offices by unelected bureaucrats with unknown agendas. Even state control is giving way to a virtual federal takeover, through laws as bad as No Child Left Behind and Goals 2000.

School wars continue because the goals of the system for children are practically the opposite of the goals that parents have for them. The government uses its schools to produce masses of obedient and controllable employees and soldiers; therefore, it offers an experience that conditions our children for low-level and / or military jobs. That should explain why state schools offer a routine that tells children, “Sit down, be calm, don’t ask questions, we will tell you what to think and do.” For parents, it says, “We don’t care what you want.”

Meanwhile, parents are constantly disappointed in what public schools offer their children, but there is nothing they can do to change them. School board meetings are charades organized by employees to avoid comment from parents and the public. The entire show is controlled by state and local administrators and employee unions to benefit themselves, not the public or children.

Parents should not expect public schools to offer a real education, and yet many still do. The government school system has never intended to offer what most parents want. The public school is a union-controlled coercion program paid for by the force of taxes. Employee qualifications are questionable, their “certifications” are bogus, “tenure” is a sham, and their union is constantly seeking maximum pay for minimum work. It is designed to provide political and social indoctrination, with only minimal skills and knowledge, but no education. The result is mediocrity, secrecy and deception without being accountable to anyone. Fewer and fewer people believe that the government is an appropriate agency to provide “public education.”

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