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Looking for good names for rabbits? Fed up of the usual boring suspects? Take a look at our fun and unique names below and you’ll never have to resort to ‘Bunnykins’ again – unless you want to, of course!

Bunny-Aid: Famous Singers

Does your bunny think he is a rock star? Do you love being the center of attention? Pick a great name that matches that attitude.

Names for rabbits: Elvis, Bono, Sting, Marley, Prince, Bowie, Ziggy, Axl, Mick, Kurt, Ringo, Robbie, Jools, Eminem, Usher, Moby, Seal, Snoop, Fiddy, Buble.

Names for bunnies: Cher, Fergie, Madonna, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Kd, ​​Britney, Dido, Mariah, Kelly, Amy, Carrie, Taylor, Pink, Alicia, Avril, Jewel, Gwen.

Pass Me My RayBuns: Designer Bunny Names

Gucci, Dolce, Gabbana, D&G, RayBan, Prada, Hugo, Fendi, Calvin, Giorgio, Armani, Jean Paul, Gaultier, Kors, Oscar, Versace, Vera, Choo, Manolo, Miu Miu.

Thought for each other: names for pairs of rabbits

Salt & Pepper, Bubble & Squeak, Arthur & Martha, George & Mildred, Superman & Lois Lane, Tom & Jerry, Milo & Otis, Batman & Robin, Hansel & Gretel, Asterix & Obelix, Barbie & Ken, Barnes & Noble, Ben & Jerry, Wallace & Gromit, Venus & Serena, Victoria & Albert, Edward & Mrs Simpson, Rhubarb & Custard, Rock (Hudson) & Doris (Day), Homer & Marge, Gin & Tonic (or G&T), Calvin & Hobbes, Chip and Dale.

Don’t Fence Me In: For the bunny who is a rebel at heart

James Dean, Courtney, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry, Bonnie & Clyde (see ‘Bunny Love’ above for more rabbit pair names).

Oh you smell so sweet: famous perfume names

Chanel, Coco, Envy, CK, No5, Angel, Allure, Anais, Eden, Paris, Joy, Miss Dior, Diorelle, Diorling, Charlie, Crystelle, Cinnabar, Bluebelle, Giorgio, Lou Lou, Samsara, Tommy Girl, Organza.

Too cute

These names are for that extra special soft bun that needs something really cute.

Crumbles, Poppy, Pink, Bumble, Brambles, Marcello, Squeakle, Tartuffo (truffle in Italian), Winkles, Po (the baby of the Teletubbies, Crinkle, Jelly Bean.

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