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If you’ve ever had to sit on your suitcase to get it closed, this guide is for you. Just follow these tips and you won’t forget your essentials or have to pay for excess baggage ever again.

Things to do before packing.

  • Make a list. Whether you’re packing yourself or packing for the whole family, having a list of things to bring is extremely helpful. Also consider your activities when making this list. Would you need a formal giveaway? Swimsuits? Waterproof pants? And by using a list, you can make sure you bring everything you need without packing too much. Also, your list is not limited to just clothing. You can also make a list of your medications if you have a condition that requires you to take medications consistently, such as diabetes, asthma, etc.
  • Know your activities. As mentioned above, it’s also good to consider what your activities will be on this trip. For example, it is not necessary to bring a bathing suit if you are not swimming. Or a dress shirt if you are going to be camping all the time during your trip.
  • Check the weather. If you are going to a place where the weather is erratic (yes, that means it is London), it is best to check the weather before packing. Now there are sites that offer weekly (even monthly) weather forecasts, which you can check while you pack. This way, you can determine the type of clothing you will bring and how many pieces you will need.

Things to remember while packing.

  • Leave some space in your suitcase. Don’t pack your suitcase like it’s the Tokyo subway. Giving your belongings room to breathe not only helps keep them wrinkle-free, but also gives you additional space for your memories.
  • Bring extra bags. There are two types of bags that you should include in your luggage: a plastic / garbage bag and a collapsible / duffel bag. The first is to separate clean clothes from used ones. The second is extra storage, in case you get souvenirs that could break or wrinkle if placed inside your bag.
  • Edit, edit, edit. There is always room for edits when it comes to packing your luggage. A perfect example is bringing too many pants or shorts. You really don’t need to bring five pairs of jeans on a five-day trip. You can bring a maximum of two and get away with it. Another great tip is to pack dual-use clothing for versatility, such as pants that can also transform into shorts when unzipped.

Tips and tricks for packing.

Shirts. It is best to roll up these items and place them at the bottom of your luggage.

  • Lay the shirt on a flat surface with the front of the shirt facing down.
  • Bring the sleeves toward the center of the shirt. You will end up with a rectangle.
  • Begin rolling from the hem of the shirt, working your way up towards the neck.

Jeans. When folding your pants, you can use the alternative folding method. With this folding technique, you not only prevent your clothes from wrinkling, but you can also save some space by sandwiching your shirts.

  • Fold your pants in the middle vertically, so that the right edge and the left edge of the waist meet.
  • Lay your pants on a flat surface.
  • Place your folded shirt right in the middle of the pants.
  • Fold the shirt so that the bottom of the pants touches the waist.
  • You can place another shirt on top of where the previous shirt was placed and re-fold the pants. However, this time taking the hem of the pants and folding it back towards the center where the initial fold was made.
  • Repeat this process until you have a shirt-pant sandwich.

Jackets and dress shirts.

  • First, open the dress shirt and place it on a flat surface.
  • Fold the sleeves up until the end of the sleeves reaches the armholes.
  • Fold the remaining fabric on both sides over the sleeves. Make sure it is in the center seam.
  • If you are carrying luggage, you can fold the garment in half horizontally. But, if you have a smaller bag, you need to fold it vertically first. before making a horizontal fold.

Socks and underwear. When packing socks and underwear, you can save some luggage space by placing them inside the pockets of your shirts, coats, and pants. You can also use the alternative folding method by placing them between the shirts before rolling them. If you are packing shoes with you, you can also put the socks inside the shoes.

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