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Unforgiveness has no foresight

Unforgiveness is the only guaranteed formula to stifle our originality. When you’ve been wronged, a bad memory is your best response. Never hold a grudge. When you’re pushing for your weight, the other guy is producing.

Forgive your enemies, nothing bothers them more. There is no revenge as sweet as forgiveness. The only people you should try to get revenge on are those who have helped you.

God is never operating in your life with such force as when you renounce revenge and dare to forgive a wound. People need more love when they least deserve it.

People need more love when they least deserve it. Forgiveness heals; wounds due to lack of forgiveness.

You can’t get ahead when you’re trying to get even. Taking offense is a strategy of satan to get you out of God’s will. When we think about our offense, the problem grows; when we think of God, problems disappear.

When you don’t forgive, you are ignoring its impact on your destiny. Hate is a prolonged form of suicide in your dreams. How much more painful are the consequences of unforgiveness than its causes!

Forgiveness saves the cost of anger, the high cost of hate, and the waste of energy. Forgive someone every day.

– John L Mason, from the book You’re Born An Original, Don’t Die A Copy (for more information about this book, visit http://www.freshword.com/resources)

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