The most important aspects of renting in London

“Accommodation is an important issue that cannot be ignored when you first arrive in London, and it will have a great impact on your new life. Off-campus student accommodation in London have many advantages, but there are not few factors to consider. You must be cautious when choosing a house Otherwise, you will bring losses to yourself. Today, Yixiang Haoju will share with you a few suggestions, which must be paid attention to.

The location of the house
The house is best to be close to the campus, but renting a school district house still requires a lot of money. The rent of a school district house is expensive! Some students choose to live in a place away from the school shuttle bus or a bus stop in order to save money. In this case, the transportation is very convenient, and the rent price is relatively much lower.

Rent price
To be honest, most international students from ordinary families stop choosing a house because of the rent. The rent of a dormitory in a British university is definitely lower than the rent of a school district in a prime location. However, if you want to find a cheaper place, it is basically far away from the school, which increases the transportation cost and sometimes takes several jobs, going back and forth will be more difficult.

Quality of the house
In fact, the word quality includes much more than the size, direction, facilities and so on of a single house. There are some more important additions. For example, the environment and safety around the house, whether there are any special restrictions on water and electricity bills, and sometimes even the occupation of the landlord and so on.

Check in time
Usually, after living in the school dormitory for a period of time, I have naturally met and made many friends, and I will not be so isolated and helpless in life. If I am sure that I want to go to the student accommodation outside, I can choose to take a companion, or choose to ask alumnis and seniors for help, or consult local classmates. Note that you must complete the check-in matters for the London student accommodation before the school checks out, or check in early.

Second landlord
Avoid second landlords, that is, privately sublet houses. Subletting without permission is a violation of the regulations. Once there is a problem with the room facilities or the contract, there is no place to appeal.

London, the vibrant and multicultural capital of the United Kingdom, is a sought-after destination for students from all around the world. With numerous prestigious educational institutions, it offers a diverse range of academic opportunities. However, finding suitable accommodation in such a bustling city can be challenging.

Fortunately, many schools in London provide accommodation options for their students, ensuring convenience and peace of mind. This article explores the benefits of school accommodation for renting in London, highlighting the comfort, security, and community aspects that make it an appealing choice for students pursuing their educational journey in the city.

Listing history
Avoid Council House, which is a government welfare house. It is illegal to rent a council house. Once the police find out, the consequences will be disastrous.

Council tax
According to British law, student accommodations are exempt from council tax. Students need to issue a certification letter from the school and get the stamp of the district government. It should be noted that even if one of the tenants is not a student, the student accommodation still needs to pay the council tax.

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