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Veggie sandwiches are delicious, guilt-free masterpieces that are just as filling as their meaty counterparts once done right. Best of all, they allow for a lot of creativity and some of the tastiest recipes can be derived from the simplest ingredients. Added to this, the constant addition of new foods and their variations on supermarket shelves make it easy for newcomers to be as satisfied as veterans, making the transition painless. Many will also be happy to know that these points / benefits are not just limited to sandwiches.

Basic ingredients you will need:

There are some basic ingredients that you should always have on hand, whether you are a veteran or simply adopting a vegetarian diet. In fact, these basics can be combined and combined to create a world of possibilities. Plus, they tend to form the base of most sandwich recipes you’ll find. These are:

  • Bread and rolls of your choice (the more variety, the better)
  • Hummus, spreads, and sauces you like (you can even find recipes for homemade versions)
  • Seasonal vegetables (as they tend to be more affordable)
  • Tofu, seitan, or tempeh
  • Peas, beans, and sprouts of all kinds (these can help make sandwiches tastier and fuller)
  • Cashews and other vegan cheeses

3 things to remember:

Changing or following a vegan diet has many benefits. It also has some drawbacks if it is not done correctly. As you enjoy your creations, it is important to remember the following three things.

1) Vegan doesn’t automatically mean healthy

Too many people fall into this trap. Some processed foods are technically vegan, but they are packed with things to avoid regardless of your diet. Also, the calorie content can be a huge disadvantage. The key is to be a conscientious consumer, so always do your research before you buy. You can also look for fresh, homemade alternatives as often as your life allows.

2) Beware of allergies

Much of what you come across may contain nuts and other ingredients that can trigger allergies. With that said, educate yourself and read the labels carefully. Beginners are also encouraged to understand alternative names for ingredients under various names.

3) Vegan doesn’t mean sacrificing taste

Every happy vegan understands the value of a good hummus or other spreads, tasty veggies, and the long list of other possible fillings. Add fresh ingredients to the list and you’ll quickly find that there is absolutely no need to give up great tasting foods. That’s really all it takes, and a good sandwich is proof of that.

As you browse all the veggie sandwiches, remember to save your favorite recipes. It’s also recommended that you look for inexpensive ways to enjoy expensive ones, especially when dining out. Lastly, don’t forget to share what you find with your friends, vegans and meat lovers. You never know who to inspire to change your eating habits or who has their own delicious options to share with you!

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