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Step Parenting is a topic that many people have serious problems with. Every parent has the dream of having a happy family and raising their children in the best environment where there is peace, joy and love in the family. But sometimes this is not always the case. The problem starts when each parent no longer seems to agree with the other’s idea and before you know it, they are already breaking up and giving up. Most of the time children come to see these disagreements between their parents that are already traumatic for them. So coming to terms with someone other than their biological father could be difficult, not even talking about the fact that they weren’t really comfortable with their own biological father in the first place. When the parents separate and marry another couple, that is when the stepfather begins.

If you are a stepfather and you are confused and do not know what to do to make your stepchildren love you, here are some tips that can turn your apparent stepfather nightmare into a beautiful morning.

Tips for stepparents

Being a stepparent is not an easy task at all; I can say that because I have been a victim. I was a child when my mom left my dad. The reason he left was because my older sister got pregnant and my dad said he couldn’t allow her to stay with him any longer and he needed to move out and stay with my grandmother. This idea was too crazy for my mom to agree, but after a series of conversations, she finally agreed to move out. The day my sister was going to leave, my mother said that she was going to take her herself to my grandmother. He took her to my grandmother by prior arrangement, but when she arrived and stayed for about two weeks, she decided on her own that she would not go back to my father. That decision was already traumatic for me and my brothers. A year later my dad married other women for a reason we had never seen before.

At that time all I did was fight and complain about everything I did to my dad, she wasn’t friendly either. She yells at me and makes a different attempt to hit me that I didn’t like. You may not be able to go into all the details of the story. But the idea behind this story is that her behavior was already wrong with me, so I fought her with everything I had. She was able to last 5 years, after which she had to leave because my dad started having problems with her too.

As a stepparent, you need to understand that the mother or father of the child you are about to leave with may like you in the first instance, but your attitude and actions towards them can change everything. Try as much as possible not to take things too personal because they are just trying to protect your home, which is normal for everyone.

Foster parenting would be easier for you if you start loving your stepchildren regardless of what they do to you. “Life is an echo that returns what you give”, the action corresponding to love is love. With time and a constant display of love, your stepchildren will learn to love and respect you.

Your stepchildren have a high chance of making your marriage work or not. Therefore, take your time, observe them, be patient, respect their privacy and above all love them. If you can do these things, getting a happy marriage shouldn’t be a nightmare.

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