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A big part of product creation is the tools you use to take your initial idea through to the completion of your product. In this article, I will give you some examples of tools that can be used for different types of products. Ok, what kind of product are you creating?

I am writing an ebook

If the product you are creating is going to be in an e-book format, you will probably want to choose a tool that produces file formats that can be easily converted to PDF. While this is not required, it is a very good idea because the PDF format has become the expectation when someone visits your sales page and purchases your e-book. Common file formats that can be converted to PDF are word processing files, presentation slides, and text files. For the most part, any file that you can print on your printer can be converted to PDF. If you are collaborating with someone, it may be a good idea to choose a tool that is compatible with theirs. Here are some tools you can put in your e-book product toolbox:

– Microsoft Office suite
– OpenOffice.org Productivity Suite
– Microsoft Works
– Apple iWork
– Notepad / Textpad
– Google documents

I am creating a video product

If you are creating video products, you have several formats to choose from. Your restrictions will depend on how you plan to deliver your product. Of course, there are many ways to submit video: online from your website, online from a video streaming server, as a download, on CD or DVD. There can be significant costs associated with distributing video, so I suggest starting with low-cost options to the point where you find that you will create numerous amounts of video that can justify higher-cost methods. Here are some tools for creating videos:

– Flip HD Camera (low cost alternative to higher priced professional HD cameras)

– Camtasia for screen recordings (there are several free alternatives like Camstudio.org)
– Microsoft MovieMaker
– iMovie
– iDVD
– Apple’s built-in screen recording software
– Adobe Premiere Elements (low-cost alternative to Adobe Premiere)

I am creating an audio product

Believe it or not, audio products can be one of the easiest to create. They definitely take less time. Here are some tools that you can consider for creating audio (some of these tools may also be useful for creating your video products):

– Audacity sound editing / recording software
– Adobe Soundbooth sound editing software
– InstantTeleseminar.com (good for recording interviews)
– Desktop condenser microphone
– Support for microphone and pop-up screen
– Portable sound booth (good for improving sound quality)
– Verbal ink transcription service

Please note that all of these tools are indicative of what is available. There are always other alternatives in terms of cost, features, ease of use, need, and availability. You will need to choose what is best for your own projects.

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