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For vocal control: balancing force in the TA and CT muscles

There are two groups of muscles that control your vocal registers. These muscles are called thyroarytenoids (TA) and cricothyroid (CT). To sing contemporary (popular) styles of music, the force in these muscle sets must be especially balanced and coordinated. When one set is much stronger than the other, vocal problems like these occur: Limited vocal

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Elvis Presley’s Special Room at the Playboy Mansion: The Myth of the Gothic Style

The Playboy mansion is the place almost all men dream of going. It houses the playmates of the famous men’s magazine Playboy. It’s no wonder guys want to stay or even live in this mansion. Forbes described it as a mansion that has a Tudor Gothic style. Even the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, has

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"The day that changes your life" by Jim Rohn – A Program Review

The day that changes your life. “Remarkable Success Ideas That Can Change Your Life In An Instant”. In this six-CD, 12-lesson program, motivational teacher Jim Rohn shares the story of his life-changing day with you and shows you how to consciously create the conditions that make dramatic and lasting personal transformation not only possible, but

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