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It goes without saying that running a modern soccer club these days costs a lot of money. Being able to keep a team competitive means paying higher and higher salaries to players, coaches and other support staff. For this reason, income is vital to running a football club. A major contributor to a steady stream of income is having rich financial backing in the form of sponsorship, especially t-shirt sponsorship.

The Premier League alone has £ 100 million in jersey endorsements for the 2010-11 season, an increase of £ 28.11 million from 2009-10.

This season there is a record five teams that have signed new deals with a new sponsor; At the top of the revenue charts are Liverpool and Manchester United, who have signed new deals of £ 20 million a year. Liverpool ended its 18-year affiliation with Carlsberg after agreeing to a new agreement with Standard Chartered Bank, while Manchester United entered into an agreement with AON, after they terminated their agreement with AIG. Liverpool’s deal with Standard Chartered will see them earn an additional £ 12.55 million per season compared to their previous deal with Carlsberg.

Aston Villa and Fulham agree to a new deal with currency trading. Aston Villa struck a deal with FxPro after its jersey sponsorship was handed over to the Acorns charity during previous seasons. The new deal with FxPro will see them earn £ 5 million per year. Fulham also signed a deal with Forex Trading, which sees them making around £ 1 million more than their previous deal with LG.

Blackpool, which is at the bottom of the list regarding sponsorship income, also signed a new deal with Wonga worth just half a million. However, this still represents a £ 300,000 increase from his deal with Carbrini last season.

However, some major league teams this year will not see a change in the sponsors that you will see on their jerseys and in some cases, such as Newcastle United and Sunderland, have seen a decrease in the revenue stream from their sponsors. Newcastle’s deal with Northern Rock fell from 4.8 million pounds to 2.5 million pounds, while Sunderland reached a deal with Tombola that will see them earn 1.5 million pounds less than the previous season.

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