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As more and more New York City apartment buildings look to attract new buyers and tenants, there is an ever-expanding list of services on offer. This can range from an on-site doorman and/or concierge to an on-site fitness center, space allowed, for residents. Most buildings will allow residents to bring their own personal trainers to work with them.

Gyms are often maintained by the building or by an outside company, while the equipment is maintained by authorized technicians. However, much like a beach without “lifeguards on duty,” many of these facilities are not staffed by fitness personnel. Residents can use it without supervision.

In these cases, if a resident wants to bring in a personal trainer, it is best to check with the building administration or a board member about the procedures. Proof that the personal trainer is certified and insured is often all that is required. Copies of both documents will most likely need to be sent to the building management company to be kept on file. They want to make sure that the resident, the trainer, and the property in the building are legally protected in the event of accidental injury. While most buildings do not charge for allowing a trainer to be on the premises, be aware that other buildings may have a fee for personal trainers who train clients in the building. This fee can be up to $15 per session or a flat annual membership fee to train in the building. This may be a better deal for the personal trainer if they have multiple clients in that building, as well as a good source of income for the building.

Commercial buildings are also getting into the on-site gym game. Some buildings allow individual companies to build a facility for their own employees. Still others will set up a facility that all commercial tenant employees can access. This not only improves the amenities for corporate tenants, but also gives the individual additional exercise options during the day.

The good news is that you can find personal trainers in New York City who can meet you anywhere you need them, at home, at the office, or anywhere in between. New York City is full of independent personal trainers ready to work with you.

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