Key Skills and Qualities of an IT Intrapreneur

Qualities of an IT Intrapreneur

An IT intrapreneur is a person who has the drive to innovate and create value within an existing company. They have the ability to find solutions to irritants that afflict a company or industry and they are determined to make those irritants go away. These individuals are able to generate solutions that are beneficial to the organization and its customers.

They are able to communicate their ideas and plans in ways that make them compelling to others. They are able to take complex concepts and simplify them so that they can be understood by non-technical people. This communication style is very important because the intrapreneur often must work with a variety of departments and employees that are not familiar with the technology or innovation that they are working with. They also need to be able to make clear presentations to management and other employees.

Successful IT intrapreneur are resilient. They can quickly bounce back from setbacks and continue to develop their ideas. They have a very positive attitude towards the future and they are committed to making their solution a success. They are not afraid to challenge the status quo and they can see opportunities where others only see problems.

Key Skills and Qualities of an IT Intrapreneur

Often, the intrapreneur is motivated by an experience that they have had themselves. This can be a personal experience or a professional one. For example, an intrapreneur may have had a negative customer service experience that left them frustrated and they are driven to create a better solution to this problem. Having this empathy with the end user of their innovation is critical to their success.

Like entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs are self-starters. They prepare themselves mentally for each day and they don’t wait to be told what to do. They are naturally motivated and they are driven to succeed.

Intrapreneurs have a very strong work ethic and they are not afraid of putting in long hours. They can work late, on weekends and other holidays to ensure that their project is completed. They are also highly resourceful and they will use whatever resources are available to them to complete their projects.

They are able to manage multiple projects and deadlines at once. This is an important skill because an intrapreneur often works on several different projects at once, and they must be able to prioritize their tasks. They are able to delegate tasks and they can also create checklists to ensure that they meet their deadlines.

A good intrapreneur is a team player. They are able to work with different personalities and they can identify the strengths of their colleagues. They can use this knowledge to build effective teams and encourage team members to excel. They are also able to understand the organizational structure of their company and they can establish relationships with managers to help them gain more leeway in their projects.

Many companies stifle innovation and they do not provide the opportunity for their employees to explore their ideas. These employees are able to leave their company and start their own business, or they can become an intrapreneur at another business that is willing to foster their creativity and passion.

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