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Which gives me the impression that you are here because you are worried that you may have an abnormal vagina or that you know someone who has (girlfriend). Before we move on, let’s get you out of your misery. There is no such thing as an abnormal vagina. Abnormal is a word that refers to something that is not considered “usual”, look at the way I bypassed the word “normal” and used habitual because the same applies. What is meant here is that the vagina may look different (not abnormal) that’s all. So no, you don’t have an abnormal vagina, but maybe one that is different.

What should be your concern is having a healthy vagina. Think about it; look at women with different faces, body sizes and hair color, which of these are considered normal “none” because that is how we are all born with differences. However, if the facts are holding you back and you are still concerned, let us explain it using the words normal and abnormal.

Unless your vagina becomes a penis, this is not accepted as normal. What is normal when you see that some people change gender by choosing the penis instead of the vagina? How can the vagina be perfect with the foreskin?

The chances that your vagina will be different from the next woman’s are very slim. Differences only occur if pubic hair is combed or shaved. Keep your vagina healthy for peace of mind. Poor genital hygiene causes other vaginal problems. The general health of the whole body will go a long way towards keeping the vagina in good shape. Bathing is important to combat the build-up of sweat and fatty oils from the skin around the genitals that can lead to vaginal infections and odors. Some women find this advice somewhat misleading as to which is the best solution because too much bathing is not good, and neither is it. Only you know when soap and water are needed. You don’t need to try too hard because the vagina is a self-cleaning and odorless organ. If your vagina smells, it is caused by something other than the vagina itself. More women think they are doing themselves a favor by douching – well, not you. While a douche removes “little” bad bacteria, it removes more good bacteria at the same time. Douching can cause inflammation (vaginitis).

If you are sexually active, use condoms because they also help keep your vagina clean. The use of condoms is necessary to prevent an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease. If you have genital discomfort, go to command if possible (no panties) if this suggestion makes you nervous, then avoid nylon material, no matter how sexy the thong or other, go for cotton briefs. The vagina / anus needs room to breathe, so leave it. Women experience vaginal odor at the time of menstruation, the solution is to remove the usual sanitary protection (tampons and sanitary napkins).

There is much debate about what the “perfect vagina” is. and the argument is usually fought among the women themselves. In my opinion, a perfect vagina is healthy. Each woman differs a lot, that is, the shape and size, and because of this the vagina is affected, that is, if she is fat, the vagina also looks spaced and wide, but this does not imply that the vaginal entrance is big. In fact, a large woman’s vagina may be tighter than a thin woman’s.

A healthy vagina is as clean and pure as a box of yogurt, says Dr. Hillier of Magee-Woman Hospital in Pittsburgh. The vagina is not dirty in any way as some believe. A healthy vagina is a self-regulating system, and do you think it is cleaner than your mouth and butt? The vaginal ecosystem is a joint beneficial association between the vagina itself and the microorganisms that exist here. The vagina is full of bacteria, however everything is good and destroys the bad bacteria outside the reproductive system. The good bacteria known as lactobacilli are the same organisms that yogurt contains. In a healthy vagina, these lactobacilli maintain an acidic environment, around 3.8 – 4.5 pH.

Vaginal mucus is not a very nice word, but it is used and appropriate to help with vaginal explanations. Vaginal mucus is “composed of and similar to elements found in blood serum, the lucid, thin, sticky fluid that remains when solid components of the blood, such as clots, separate. Vaginal discharge consists of water. , albumin, the The most abundant protein in the human body: some lost white blood cells and mucin, the oily matter that gives the vagina and cervix their greasy sheen. The secretion is not a toxic waste product of the body in the sense of urine and feces.

Is the vagina abnormal because it smells, certainly not? However, a healthy vagina will have a “mild” odor but, however, if “mild” becomes strong (fishy odor), then this is usually a sign that the delicate balance has been upset and the Lactobacilli are not doing. the work they should.

If the balance in the vagina is disturbed, it can cause the vaginal infection “bacterial vaginosis”.

The bath sufficient for the external part of the vagina, the “lips”, should be done twice a day with cold water. Cold is better because the genitals are already moist and warm, which is a problem allowing bacteria to grow. Scented products can cause vaginal thrush. Pelvic infections can lead to vaginosis. Candida is a condition in which the vagina becomes too alkaline, mainly caused by diet, oral contraceptives, or even stress. Pregnancy and the resulting change in your hormone levels can cause thrush. Antibiotics, although given to heal and cure along with oral contraceptives, can lead to vaginosis. Low levels of lactobacilli leave certain women more susceptible to infection because they may have fewer robust lactobacilli. How to maintain a healthy vagina

Forget about cleaning the inside of the vagina, it is not necessary. Your vagina will be no less healthy if you don’t. The vagina is rinsed regularly. Avoid certain soaps because they can upset the natural balance of substances. You are at risk of developing a vaginal infection due to misuse of a specific product. Don’t take a shower. The only exception to this rule that may be acceptable for douching is if you are trying to conceive or trying to alter the pH of your vagina for the greater good. Do it as little as possible and increase the amount of lactobacilli in your diet. Add yogurt to your daily diet or take acidophilus tablets. Talk to your doctor about pregnancy-related issues and suggested medications.

Use condoms to keep the vagina clean and healthy and to protect it from unwanted pregnancy or STDs.

Wear cotton underwear to allow good air flow.

Avoid using perfumes / sprays around the genitals.

The way to prevent excess bacteria from growing around the vagina / urethra is to change your movement when cleaning after a bowel movement. Clean from front to back. Clean the anus last as contamination can spread in another way. Vaginal discharge is a necessary part of the regular functioning of the body; however, if it shows differently, get a check. If the change in discharge is caused by an infection, then soap and water will not cure it, you will need antibiotics. Vaginal discharge is usually clear to white; changes in consistency and color are signals to tell you to call your GP. Change the tissue to clean the vagina after urinating with a damp cloth. The use of tissues tends to give a quick clean, while a cloth encourages the person to wash.

A good cleaning will reduce the chances of developing urinary tract infections (UTIs).

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