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“Universities in UK study life usually guarantee accommodation for overseas students for their first year. When accepted, most institutions will send students a set of accommodation information about the various types of accommodation they offer. If students have been studying in the UK for a while and have settled into the local culture, then choosing to share accommodation will reduce your rental costs. Renting a private house is cheaper and gives you the freedom to choose the location, roommate, type of Leeds student accommodation, length of tenancy, etc. It is important to find accommodation for international students in the UK before it is too late, especially during the return to school period from late August to early October each year.

For renting in Leeds, you need to be aware of these points when sharing a room with someone!

Students can find listings or advertisements for properties for rent in the university accommodation office, library, notice boards and local newspapers, as well as through the university’s student union or relatives or friends in the UK. It is important to choose your flatmates carefully when sharing a flat, as conflicts over different living habits do occur. The most important thing to remember about student accommodation in Leeds in the UK is that once you have decided to rent a room off-campus, you must have a contract.

Once you have the contract, don’t be too quick to sign it, but take it to your school’s housing office to have it looked at by a professional in case there are any ‘pitfalls’ or oversights. It is part of the role of the Housing Office of each university in the UK to check the rental contracts of our students. As you can see, it is important to be careful about the pitfalls and sharing a flat, as international students in the UK are on their own after all, so don’t be fooled to ensure your life in the UK.”

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