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While it’s no longer what is associated with cheering, the pep rally is really what cheerleading was made for. The sport was invented in 1898 at the University of Minnesota with a simple shout of “Rah-Rah” shouted by Thomas Peebles, who became the “shout leader” of the first cheering fraternity. It wasn’t until the 1920s that women got involved and flipping was introduced. The spiritual aspect of cheering continues to be a vital part of American high school displays of encouragement. What better way to get a community excited before the big game than by jumping up and down and yelling victory songs?

A common way to get the whole school excited before the pep rally is to have a spirit week. During a spirit week, each day has a theme and students dress up to match the theme. Some examples are pajama day, inside out day, costume day, beach day, crazy hair day, geek day, and usually the last day is “spirit day” or “school color day”, so everyone shows their pride in motivation. rally, held the Friday before the big game. Spirit week certainly helps get the school excited, but the cheerleaders’ enthusiasm at the rally is what really makes the excitement heartfelt.

Get your cheerleaders performing on the field and in the stands, and be sure to make plenty of calls and shouts of response to get the whole school involved. Most schools host fun events like relay races and pie-eating contests at rallies; Let your cheerleaders be the referees! Another great hobby is getting cheerleaders to dress up as soccer players and vice versa. Both teams and all the spectators are sure to double over with laughter at the end of this skit.

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