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What tax records should I keep?

Worried about the amount of time to keep your personal income tax records? Sometimes taxpayers are required to submit these documents when the government reviews or audits a filed return or is trying to levy or collect taxes. In addition, these documents are required by creditors, homeowners associations, other interested parties who have requirements to


Advantages and disadvantages of having your own independent insurance agency

There is always a lot of pride in owning your own business, but there is also great responsibility, work, and hassle. Here’s how to know if owning an insurance agency could have enough benefits to offset the liabilities. Every employee has had the experience of looking at their boss and / or the owner of


How to lose 10 pounds in a week: the 8 steps I took that forced my body to lose 10 pounds

It was time for my wedding and I needed to lose weight quickly. The first week I lost thirteen (13) pounds and then ten (ten) pounds the second. Two weeks was such a short time to lose so much weight. It’s probably not the healthiest of the diets, but hey, it was extremely effective. I


Simple Accounting for Small Business – Accounting with a Simple Spreadsheet Template

Starting a small business from home, offering products or services like business consulting, photography, selling on the web, or MLM? Now you are faced with keeping track of all your expenses and income for your business and you certainly don’t have the money yet to hire an accountant or bookkeeper. If your business is a


The advantages of moving a portfolio of companies or domain names outside the United States

Some courts have refused to exercise actual jurisdiction when there is no registrar, registry, or other authority associated with domain names. This is particularly important to keep in mind when making a determination on the best way to enforce your intellectual property rights. There are two main methods of enforcing these rights; One, the Cybersquatting


Financial considerations: how much money do you need to start a catering business

Your financial capacity will determine the type of catering business you can set up and maintain in the long term. When checking your finances for the business, you should consider capital and startup costs, as well as required taxes. Capital and initial cost The cost of starting a catering business depends on how big you

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