Can I use an AC car recharge kit if my car’s AC system has been modified?

AC car recharge kit if my car’s AC system

A broken AC fan motor is one of the most common reasons your car’s air conditioner doesn’t blow cold. Located in front of your car engine, the fan motor is what powers the cooling fan that blows cooled air into your passenger compartment. A broken fan motor will cause the AC to only work on high or low speed. If this is the case for your vehicle, you can fix it by replacing the blower motor resistor or fan control module which are typically inexpensive and easy to find at your local auto parts store.

Many people think they can save money by buying an ac recharge kit and doing the repair themselves. However, this isn’t a great idea. The problem with these kits is that they don’t fix the real issue. They simply add refrigerant, but the cause of your ac problems remains unchecked.

Using an car ac recharge kit can actually make the problem worse by causing leaks and contaminants to get into your system. The sealant used in these kits can clog up your compressor and hoses, which will require a costly professional repair. Moreover, the kit only fills up your system to a specific pressure level, which could cause it to overfill and resulting in even more expensive problems.

Can I use an AC car recharge kit if my car’s AC system has been modified?

The kits also do not include the right type of refrigerant for your vehicle. Most vehicles use R134a, but newer models are moving to the more environmentally friendly R1234yf refrigerant. Additionally, if your vehicle is hybrid or electric, it uses an entirely different type of refrigerant and cannot be recharged with the ac recharge kits available on the market.

Lastly, these kits are not designed to properly evacuate your system to remove moisture and debris. This process is vital for proper refrigerant installation and testing. To do it properly, you need a special adapter that can be connected to the filler port of your ac system. Moreover, the process needs to be carefully controlled and performed in order to ensure that the correct amount of refrigerant is added to your system.

A simple ac recharge kit can also mask the problem and cause your ac to continue having issues. Unless the underlying problem is fixed, you will continue to have ac problems that only worsen over time. Ultimately, your car’s ac will need to be professionally repaired or replaced and a refrigerant leak will need to be stopped.

While an ac recharge kit can provide some temporary relief, it’s better to have a certified technician check your vehicle’s ac before resorting to DIY repairs. They can use a dye and sniffer kit to detect any leaks and fix them before they get worse. This will help you avoid the expense of having to replace your ac system in the future. In addition, a professional technician will also replace the faulty fan and properly evacuate your system to ensure that all the refrigerant is removed from the old system and not wasted.

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