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Guinea pigs are very social animals that enjoy the company of others and will get lonely if left alone and will demand more of your time and attention than you want. Sure, it’s wonderful to have a cute pet that wants your attention, but he’s going to need a friend to keep him company while you’re away.

The best solution when buying a guinea pig is to buy more than one cavy (guinea pig) at first. They give birth frequently which is why many pet stores have 2 or more cages of them. There is a great demand for them. So if you are buying more than one get them from the same cage as this way there will be no unfamiliarity between them and it will eliminate fighting.

If this was not done, then you will need to buy another guinea pig to keep him company. By doing this, your pet will have a friend to keep him company in your absence, but don’t worry, he will still want your attention, as much as you can give him, and will still demand it, just not as often.

The sex does not matter when choosing and buying a guinea pig as a companion for your pet. If you have a male, it’s okay to get another male. There is a common misconception that when you put two male guinea pigs together they will fight, but this is not true. However, you need enough space in the cage for the 2 of them because they will want to have their own territory. So if you have a small cage, you’ll need a bigger one before buying another guinea pig because they will fight if it’s too tight. So, given enough space, two males get along as friends.

If you have two men who get along as friends and then add a woman, the two friends will now battle each other for dominance. It’s not personal, it’s just animal instinct to want to reproduce. However, you will have to eliminate the loser as the dominant male will now keep him away from food and water. Yes, it’s sad, but they are animals with animal instincts.

Two females in the same cage get along well and occasionally argue but rarely fight. Yes, it sounds a bit funny, but it’s true.

A male and a female will get along better. She acknowledges her dominance over her, he accepts her as his own and is kind to her.

If any of this sounds brutal, it’s not. Well, 2 males and a female could be, but not otherwise. Once again, guinea pigs are warm-blooded, affectionate and social animals, and they greatly enjoy the company of you and yours.

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