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The average computer can find files on your computer with various file extensions. These are the three and four letters that come at the end of a file name. For example, something called myfile.pdf is something in PDF format. Users and a computer’s operating system can identify the file type by its extension. You may find some that have the DJVU file extension. Here are three things to know about these types of files.

What does DJVU mean?

The DJVU file extension indicates that you have a DJVU file. It is an image that can be a photograph or some type of document. The document could be digital or it could have been scanned. DJVU is a form of image compression technology developed by AT&T. It allows the distribution of very clear and high resolution images on the Internet. Images of all kinds can be posted online and will be of the highest quality.

Programs that will open these files

There are a variety of programs that can open these types of images. For Windows, there is WinDjView, DjVuLibre DjView, ACD Systems Canvas 14 and ACD Systems ACDSee 15. For those using the Mac operating system, MacDjView will open them just like DjVuLibre DjView and SST DjVuReader. Linux users can use DjVuLibre DjView and KDE Okular to open DJVU images.

What happens if they don’t open?

Every now and then, you may find a DJVU image that won’t open. Sometimes it’s because it’s damaged and won’t open. No matter how many tweaks you make or what tricks you try, it won’t open. In that case, the most likely problem is corruption. When that happens, you will need to find a different version and download it.

Another common problem is not having the correct version of the application to open the file. While it looks like it can open it, it won’t. In that case, you need to download the updates to make sure your application version is correct. If you’ve downloaded the latest version and it still doesn’t work, you might have a different problem. The problem would be in your operating system. You may not know which program to use to open the DJVU file. The problem can be fixed quite easily. It will manually tell the computer which program to use.

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