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There will come a time in your business where you will learn that email marketing is and should be your main source of income and business if you are an online entrepreneur.

This means that the first thing you need to do is build your email list and then you can branch out into social media platforms. In this article, I’ll give you 3 quick tips on why you should never trust social media platforms to run your business.

1. Never run your business entirely from a social media platform. Always move your followers from that platform to your email list as soon as you can.


If, for one reason or another, your account gets banned, your entire follower base is removed overnight. It basically means that you just lost all your business.

2. If you use social platforms to attract customers, funnel them to your blogs and your other platforms, so that if something happens to one of your accounts, you can still run your business.

3. When you rely on something you can’t control, you’re putting your business at risk. You can have your own email list and have 100% control over it. However, you do not own what happens with your business on someone else’s websites or platforms.

If you want to become a successful online merchant/entrepreneur, you need to start building an email list right away. Using social sites is great for building your brand and awareness, just remember that you can’t control these sites, it’s what happens to them, so your number one goal should be to get all these followers to your email list ASAP.

And be sure to link each of your sites to each other, that way you can build a following faster, as they can jump from one of your sites to the next with the click of a button and like, share, and comment on all of them building your brand much faster.

Remember that the more engagement you have on each platform, the more organic SEO you have to help you build a great prospect base that you can then funnel to buyers and customers for life if you do it right.

I hope these revelations I just mentioned help you in your marketing efforts if you have never thought about this scenario before. Who knows… maybe you just had an “Ah HUH” moment.

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