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If you are seriously considering going to a government auto auction to purchase a vehicle, you have taken the first step. If you’re still not convinced that auctions are right for you, read the following information to learn three advantages of buying a vehicle at a government auto auction.

great savings

It’s not a revelation that buying a car is expensive. Even used vehicles can cost a lot of money and put a strain on the budget. For this reason, many people take advantage of the huge cost savings and purchase their vehicles at a government auto auction.

Since these government vehicles are no longer in use, they are offered for sale at public auction. Government entities want to get rid of these vehicles as quickly as possible since it is costing them money to store the cars. By putting the vehicles up for auction, they can sell many of them at once and liquidate them.

Offers on these cars and trucks start at a price that is well below the vehicle’s retail value. The price only goes up if there are multiple people bidding on the same car. Many bidders stop bidding immediately once the price increases. When all but the last bidder has withdrawn, this person gets the vehicle for the amount of their last bid.

Reliable Vehicles

It’s no secret that the government has the resources to take very good care of its vehicles and it is essential that the employees who drive these vehicles have a safe and reliable automobile. Government vehicles have regular maintenance checks and mechanics quickly repair any problems with the vehicles.

The government doesn’t sell these cars at auction because they’re worn out, they sell them when they replace the vehicle, which is usually when the odometer reaches about 25,000 miles. In some cases, the vehicle may have close to 40,000 miles on it, but that’s still low mileage for a used car or truck.

The maintenance schedule and any repairs are documented in a log book and kept with the vehicle. Potential buyers can view these documents to see what has been done with the car.

No car payments

When you buy a vehicle at a government auto auction, you must pay for the vehicle in full before you pick it up from the premises. Once you pay for the car at auction, it’s yours and you don’t have to worry about making an expensive car payment every month.

When you finance a car through a lender, you must also pay interest along with the loan. This additional cost raises the price of the vehicle even higher. Monthly car payments can also put a strain on finances, especially if the payments are high.

After purchasing and paying for a car from a government auction, you own the vehicle. This saves you money each month because it’s one less bill you have to pay.

Getting a good deal, having a reliable used car, and not having an extra bill every month are three good reasons to visit a government auto auction. This information should tell you that buying a government vehicle at auction is a smart move.

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