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Digital Marketing

Web analytics tag audit

Every business has a website and every website has many third party tags on the websites. These tags are used to track the business, which would help in making decisions about business optimization. You cannot get the actual metrics or statistics of any website without adding tracking pixels or Java scripts to get those metrics.

Legal Law

Collaborative Family Law

For people who are going through a divorce or facing other family law issues, this is an alternative type of resolution process. Those in these cases work to reach a solution together with a family lawyer. In some cases, they also have the help of financial advisors and mental health counselors. When collaborative family law

Lifestyle Fashion

Improving Listening Skills 9 Times Over – Empathy and Listening: How to Be a Fantastic Functional Listener

Has anyone said that you don’t hear very well? Well, that happened to me from a previous girlfriend. It sure hurt. My response to her was ‘What?’ No, I wasn’t being funny either. It was natural to say. She was having financial problems and I was trying to solve her problem. That’s when she said


Panasonic DVD-LA95 9-inch Portable DVD Player Review: Top Gifts for the Frequent Traveler

So far, Customer Reviews on Amazon are very favorable for the Panasonic DVD-LA95 Portable DVD Player. With 22 5 stars out of a total of 39 and zero 1 stars (as of November 8, 2010), it’s a good sign that this portable movie player is popular. So what does the Panasonic DVD 9-Inch Portable DVD

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